SV Temple Health Care Medical workshop

Acupressure and Naturopathy
By Prof. Ravindran, Founder – Yantra Foundation, Bangalore, India
Prof Ravindran was initiated to yoga by Sri Vethatri Maharishi founder of World Community Service Centre, Chennai. He was under the able guidance of world renowned Dr. Devendra Vora, a master in Acupressure and Natural Therapy. He has MD in Acupressure and is a Professor practicing Simplified Kundalini Yoga.

Prof Ravindran is a prolific speaker on various topics – that includes Body, Mind, Consciousness, Energy, Science and practice of meditation based on Life/Bio Energy and Bio-Electromagnetism. He has presented workshops in many major cities from coast to coast, including World Bank, DC.

This is a FREE event for the benefit of the community at large. – come, attend, learn and practice diagnosis, prevention and maintenance of good health through Acupressure and Naturopathy.

Come and see how:

  • Thumb is used as an MRI machine in Acupressure to diagnose diseases
  • Some minor ailments like neck pain, frozen shoulder can be treated or completely healed within minutes by applying pressure at particular points in palm or foot
  • With Acupressure skills, Prof. Ravindran diagnoses diseases including cancer in a few minutes. Prof. Ravindran amazingly can tell sugar level in blood (diabetes) in minutes by pressing person’s palms (no needle or blood draw required)

About S V Temple Community Health Care Education –

SV Temple presents common health care issues to improve life style of our community. This was Initiated by Dr.Jyothsna Reddy, MD since the opening of the SV Temple and this continues to grow from local support by various health care specialists. SV Temple Community service is one of the important services to our devotes to help educate them on common medical conditions.

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