Gita Study 
Bhagavad Gita also known as the song of God has been beacon of spiritual path in the east.  The poem authored by Maharshi Ved Vyaas has captured the essence of spirituality in very few words for anyone seeking to start a spiritual journey.   The verses of Bhagavad Gita represents deeper spiritual meanings, albeit difficult to understand for a common person not familiar with the Sanskrit language.  Several Scholars and Teachers have elaborated the significance in various languages and spread the teachings throughout the world. While reading of scripture helps significantly, it is still insufficient to get the grasp of complete message.  The only way to get complete access to the significance of the message is being in the company to the enlightened saints and mystics who not only live the message but are committed to passing it to humanity.  They do so through simple messages, their own living of it and undivided personal attention on individual seekers.   We call them Sat-Gurus or Spiritual Masters.   As seekers we can start reflecting on this message and seek guidance through our Sat-Guru who is completely awake and aware of our need and will help in person or otherwise. This study group is one such effort to start reflecting upon the spiritual message and start seeking the ultimate truth within.