SRI Durga Navarathri Utsavam

SV Temple is planning Nine days of SARAN NAVARATRI UTSAVAM. The most auspicious thing of this Utsavam is SRI LALITHA SAMETHA MAHA NAVA CHANDI HAVAN at devotee’s house. Temple priests will come to the Devotees house along with ADI SHAKTI VIGRAHAM to Perform SRI LALITHA SAMETHA MAHA NAVA CHANDI ABHISHEKAM & HAVAN. (Morning only)
Chandi Homam:- Chandi Homam is performed by chanting every verse of the Durga Sapthasathi Mantra and doing an offering into the sacrificial fire. Each chapter has a presiding deity and the offering is made by mentioning the name of the deity and with the sacred Swaha mantra like “Om Maha Kalyai Nama Swaha”.The offering is Havan samagri for most of the chapters and for some of them it Ksheerannam (milk pudding). Panchamrutam made of several fruits, Dry Fruits and Honey is offered for verses with a “Uvacha”.