Hanuman Abhishekam

On this day, devotional discourses (kīrtan) are held in the temple of Deity Hanumān (Māruti) before sunrise. The kirtan is concluded at sunrise when Deity Hanumān is born. Thereafter the idol of Deity Hanumān is ritualistically worshipped and a Holy sacrament of sweets prepared from dry ginger (sunthwada) is distributed.


The significance of abhishekam to any deity is as follows:

Sandal Paste : for developing a cool mind and mental peace

Turmeric : for healing, recovery from diseases, and matrimony

Coconut : for curing asthma

Curd Rice : for curing ulcer etc

Cow’s Milk : for progeny, to ward off snake curse etc

Honey : for developing a good voice

Gold : for prosperity