GODA (AANDAL) KALYANAM Jan 12th (Sunday)

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9:30 AM : Tiruvaradhana
10:00 AM :Tiruppavai Sevakalam
10:50 AM :Sarvam Krishnarpanam –
                     Devotional Music and Dance
11:15 AM: Jaanuvasam
11:30 AM :Godha Kalyanam
                    Vishwaksena Aaradhanam
                    Punyaha Vachanam
                    Nrutya Pradarshana – Godha Kavuthuvam

Goda also known as Andal is considered the incarnation of Bhoodevi and is a divine daughter of Sri Vishnuchittar or fondly called as Periyazhwar. She was found by Vishnuchittar under a Thulasi plant and happily brought her up like his own daughter while feeding her with the stories and glories of Lord Krishna. Goda fell in love with Lord Krishna and at the age of five sang the most beautiful set of 30 hymns called Thiruppavai and 143 hymns called Nachiyar Thirumozhi. She explains Krishna bhakthi and ways to attain the supreme Lord in the most easy and practical ways of serving devotees. Hence Dhanur masam, the most special among the other months, begins with the first hymn of Thiruppavai and culminates with Goda Kalyanam where she enters into eternal loving service to Lord Ranganatha.

Inviting all Krishna and Goda devotees to participate in this divine wedding of Goda and Lord Ranganatha and get the blessings from the Divya dhampadhis.

Sarvam Krishnarpanam: Classical Music and Dance Offerings by children. Bharatanatyam: Godha Kavuthuvam by Smt.Pavithra Vinod, student of Smt. PriyaMurali
Violin: Kum. Sandhya Ramachandran, student of Sri. Mullaivasal Chandramouli

  • Kum. Prateeksha Narasimman, Kum.Samyuktha Venkateshkumar, students of Smt. Sharmilah Venkatesh.
  • Kum. Nrithi Subramanian, student of Smt. Priya Murali

Contact Information:
Please contact Temple Priests for participation and details

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